What is First aid in everyday life

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Daily life,accidental injury is difficult to avoid,and sometimes unpredictable,if we do not promptly treated or improper operation,it is likely to have its own or others' physical harm,therefore,have some first aid is necessary. Here are tips for your view at our daily lives often encountered little unexpected approach,it will helping and avoiding.Please be patiently read it,we need to know it clear,because these first aid is really too important for us.

1.Unclean object into eyes
Any small objects or liquids,even a grain of sand or a drop of detergent into the eyes,it may cause one's eye pain,or even damage the cornea. First aid measures: First,blinked hard and frequently,with tears to flush out unclean matter.If that does not work,lift the eyelid,then rinse under the tap eyes.be sure to remove contact lenses. Absolute prohibition: not rub your eyes,no matter how small subject will scratch the cornea and cause infection.If the things was pushed into the deeper eye position,seek medical treatment immediately and ask the doctor to deal with it are needed. Alert: If corrosive liquids splashed into the eyes,going to hospital for treatment as soon as possible; If its not feel good after self-treatment still eye irritation,burning,edema or blurred vision occurs,don't be reckless,asking for the expert help and use the aid of professional equipment treat.

When the ligaments around the joints are stretched too seriously,beyond its extent can bear occurs sprains,sprains usually accompanied by bruising and swelling. First aid measures: Within 24 hours of the sprain occurred,as far as possible every hour with ice cold once,every half hour.The injured place with an elastic compression bandage wrap and elevate the injured area. After 24 hours,the affected area began to change for the heat,promote blood circulation in the injured area.Absolute prohibition: not at liberty injured joint activities,otherwise easily lead to torn ligaments,relatively difficult to recover. Liang alert: After a few days of self-treatment and rest if through,the affected area is still pain and mobility,then there may be fractures,muscle strain or ligament rupture,the need immediately to the hospital for medical treatment.

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3.Bloody Nose
Bloody nose nasal cavity due to rupture of blood vessels caused by nasal blood vessels are very fragile,so epistaxis is relatively common small accident. First aid measures: body slightly forward,and pinch with your fingers below the bridge of the nose cartilage site for about 5-15 minutes.If possible,put a little ice on the bridge of the nose is also rapid hemostasis. Absolute prohibition: forced to head back posture looked imports will nosebleed flow,inevitably there will be some panic in the blood is sucked into the lungs,this is neither safe nor hygienic. Liang alert: If continuous flow nosebleed on 20 minutes still could not stop it,the patient should consult a physician immediately go to the hospital. If the number is too frequent nosebleeds and there is no reason,or accompanied by other symptoms of headache,tinnitus,decreased vision and dizziness,so also be sure to go to hospital for treatment,because it may be hit or suffered a brain concussion

Scald divided into three levels: a burn can cause reddening of the skin tingling;'ll see significant post-secondary burn blisters occur; three scald will cause darkening of skin ulceration First aid measures: Once burn occurs,immediately will be placed in the flow of the hot parts of the underwater rinse with cold towel or cold,if the burn area is large,the injured should the whole body immersed in a bathtub filled with cold water. Gauze or bandages may be loosely wrapped in scalded imposed to protect the wound.Absolute prohibition: You can not use the way treatment of burns ice,the ice has been broken skin damage leading to deterioration of the wound.Do not break blisters,otherwise it will leave scars. Do not casually to antibiotic ointment or grease smear the wound,these sticky substances are exposed to dirt.Liang alert: three burns,electric shock,burns and chemical burns must go to the hospital. In addition,if the patient cough,watery eyes or breathing difficulties,you need professional medical help.If the area is larger than the palm burns two words,the patient should go to the hospital,professional approach to avoid scarring.

True suffocation is rarely occurs in one's real life,while choking water or food choke is generally not regarded as suffocation.When apnea occurs,the patient will not have a strong cough,unable to speak or breathe,the face will turn red or purple short time.

Principles of first aid: First of all,making phone call for help.While waiting for the ambulance,we need to take the following measures: to enable patients to lean forward,hard shot with the palm of the patient in the middle position of the back shoulders.
If that does not work,then you need to stand behind the patient,the patient's abdomen with his fist against the back with the other hand holding the fist up and down thrusting launched five times,to help patients breathe. Patients can also take self-help measures such as: will arrive on his stomach a hard object,such as kitchen countertops,then squeeze the abdomen,so stuck in the throat of things pop up. Absolute prohibition: do not feed the patient watering or other foods while he is coughing.Alert: As long as asphyxia has happend,having call an ambulance to rescue patients.

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