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Partner of Freight Company

myChway partners with top-rated international shipping companies. These companies have low damage claim rates and excel at providing transportation throughout the whole world.
DHL Express A Line                      2-5 working days
UPS Expedited                             5-7 days
DHL Express D Line                     2-5 working days
Hongkong Post                            15-20 working days
ePacket                                       10-15 working days
Fedex IE                                      3-7 working days
TNT standard                               3-7 working days
Yanwen Korea ePacket               10-25 Days
YJ HKDHL Normal                       5-7 Days
Yanwen Hongkong Post              10-25 days
Yanwen Deutsche Hongkong Post         10-25 days
Yanwen Malaysia Post               10-25 days
DHL eCommerce                        10-25 days
Fedex IP                                      2-5 days
DHL Express B Line                    2-5 days
DHL Express C Line                    2-5 days
UPS Saver                                   2-5 days
UPS WideWorld                           5-7 days
UBI Standard Canada Shipping   5-10 Days
UBI Standard Australia Shipping  5-10 Days
UBI NZPost                                   5-10 Days
YJ HKDHL Exclusive                    5-12 days
Depending on your freight class and how your item is packaged, we can help you find the best freight companies to safely execute pickup and delivery of your shipment. Let FreightCenter find the perfect fit for your freight.

Multiple Addresses

You can ship to multiple addresses in the same order. In these instances, however, free shipping is calculated by each individual address, not total order. In order to qualify for free shipping, the order shipping to each individual address must meet the free shipping purchase threshold.

Order Notes

Special-order items are not stocked in our warehouse.
Product generally ships 7-30 business days after order is placed.
Orders may not be cancelled after placement.
Direct Ship items are not eligible for return. If the product is defective, requires an exchange or falls under warranty myChway will direct you to the manufacturer for further information. myChway does not in any way imply that the manufacturer will provide a refund, exchange or warranty claim..
Allow 1-10 business days for international deliveries depending on shipping method selected at checkout.
You will be required to pay the duty or VAT upon delivery of your merchandise.
Due to import duty valuation adjustments and currency valuations, we are unable to provide an estimate for duty or VAT.
All items must be in stock before shipping.
All first-time international orders must ship to the billing address used on the order.

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