Family First aid Tips

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1. Fragrant-flowered garlic-a life-saving straw for a metal matter ingestion.
Grab a cluster of fragrant-flowered garlic, quick boil it in hot water with no cuts, then ingest it with some sesame oil. In this way, the metal matter can be wrapped and excreted.

2. First-aid for Hemoptysis.
(1) Let the patient rest in bed, keep semi-recumbent position, keep quiet, do not speak loudly and cough forcefully.
(2) Apply cold towel to the chest, meanwhile,preventing the cold.
(3) Take cough expectorant but avoid aminophylline.
(4) Choose some hemostatics, such as styptic powder, panax notoginseng powder, bletilla striata powder,Vitamin K.
(5) Get hospital treatment as soon as possible.

3. First-aid for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.
When aware of carbon monoxide poisoning,the one should open doors and windows as soon as possible, then left the site quickly.
For weakness situation,do not hesitate to lie on the ground, crawel to the door or window, open doors and windows for help.
If carbon monoxide poisoning were happend to others, should open doors and windows immediately, make the patient away from site.
If poisoning patient breathing, heartbeat is irregular or stopped, the external cardiac massage (ECM) and mouth to mouth artificial respiration should be conducted immediately, and send to hospital as soon as possible.

Family First aid

4. First-aid for Food Poisoning.
(1) Emetic Method: Swallow 1 tablespoon of salt mixed with water or soup, use chopsticks to stimulate the throat, then repeated till vomiting.
(2) Absorptive Method: Poisoning to diarrhea, eat the moderate burnt bread.
(3) Neutralization Method: Drink egg white or milk; for alkaline poison, eat edible vinegar or orange juice; for metal or vegetable alkaloid poison, drink strong tea for detoxification.
(4) Specific Antidote: Olive for hangover; Olive juice for fugutoxin; Crude eggplant for bacterial food poisoning; Pepper for poisoning caused by fish, crab, hushroom, etc.

5. First-aid for Eyes Hurted by Acid or Alkali.
(1) Use clean water to wash eyes repeatedly within 2 minutes.If possible, use 2% sodium bicarbonate solutions to wash eyes if hurted acid objects; Use 1% acetic acid or 4% boric acid solutions to wash eyes if hurted by alkali objects.
(2) Apply cold compress on the injured day, the 3rd day could apply hot compress.
(3) Use 0.5% tetracaine hydrochloride eye drops when intense pain happened.
(4) Take orally antibiotics to avoid infection.
(5) Take orally Vitamin A,B,C,D to promote the recovery of eyes.

6. First-aid for Head Injury.
If head get injuried without wound but with subcutaneous hematoma,can binded up with pressure to stop the dizzy;if with local depression,skull fracture on the surface, just lightly covered with gauze, to prevent brain damage, please DO NOT bind up with pressure.

7. First-aid for Dislocation.
(1) Elbow joint dislocation: Make the elbow bent at right angles, using triangular binder to hold up the forearm and elbow, hanging in the neck.
(2) Shouler joint dislocation: Use triangular binder to hold up the forearm, hang in the neck, and then wrapped around the upper arm and the chest with a broadband, knotted in the contralateral breast,fix the upper part of the dislocated joint.
(3) Hip joint dislocation: Use stretcher to send the patient to hospital.

8. First-aid for Heart Attacks.
(1) Try to relieve the patient's mental burden and anxiety.
(2) Put nitroglycerin or isosorbide dinitrate under patient's tongue immediately.
(3) Make the patient semi-sitting position, take orally 1-2 HMP.
(4) If patient feel heartbeat become gradually slow or even stopped, the patient should take continuous cough every three seconds, the heartbeat can be restored.

9. First-aid for Foreign Matter Aspiration.
If foreign matters strayed into trachea or esophagus, let patient head downward, pat the back, spit the matter out with cough, in case of foreign matter blocked tracheal cause choking. Or use a finger stretch into the tongue root, then spit the matter uout. If the methods are in vain, send the patient to the hospital in a hurry.

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