Slimming Machine 2 In 1 Non Invasive 360 Smart 6d Lipo Laser Slimming Hiemt Fat Removal Arms Body

Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine

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Ems Muscle Stimulator Fat Burning Creating Peach Hips Shaping

Vest Line Body Sculpting and Contouring Machine

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Work Principle of 6d lipo laser
Irradiated by a specific wavelength of cold source laser, it targets the subcutaneous fat layer to temporarily damage the cell membrane of fat cells. The fat in the cells overflows into the intercellular substance metabolized out of the body by the human lymphatic system. The volume of fat cells is reduced to achieve self-cultivation. The effect of shaping.

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Work priciple of HIEMT ems body sculpting
Utilizes the most advanced technology - High-Intensity ElectromagneticEnergy Technology to directly stimulate motor neurons in muscles with high frequency an high magnetic force to induce extreme muscle contractions. This contraction is an intensity that cannot be achieve by ordinary exercise. Completing one treatment is equivalent to performing 20,00omaximum muscle contractions, ultimately increasing muscle mass. At the same time, it can also accelerate fat decomposition and effectively reduce fat cells.

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●6 imported laser lights,maintaining the original 6D function
●it can work continuously without shutting down and rest
●EMS micro-electricity function,targeted to accelerate cellulite metabolism
●Exercise muscles, shape vest line/mermaid line
●Exercise hip muscles, shape peach buttocks
●Improve rectus abdominis separation and shape a flat lower abdomen
●Semiconductor water cycle refrigeration system, stable heat

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Features and Benefits

Builds muscle & Burns fat Together!

Non-invasive buttock lifting procedure

Suitable for everyone - No anaesthesia - No surgery

Only a 30 minute walk in walk out procedure

Only 4 session needed 2-3 days apart

Feels like an intensive workout

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uses a specific range of frequencies that do not allow muscle relaxation between two consecutive stimuli.

Muscles are forced to maintain a contracted state for several seconds. When repeatedly exposed to these

high-load conditions, muscle tissue is forced to adapt under pressure. Studies indicate that , One to

two months after  treatment, patients` average abdominal muscle thickness increased by 15% -16%.

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Before and after



Q: Who is suitable for slim beauty machine?

A: This technique can provide beneficial muscle tightening for most people. Only pregnant and lactating women should not be treated;For women who are close to menstruation, if they receive treatment, menstruation may come earlier or they may experience stronger abdominal cramps. Therefore, we recommend that they avoid treatment during this period.If the body is under the following conditions, people cannot receive treatment: metal or electronic implants at the treatment site, pacemaker implantation, defibrillator implantation, neurostimulator implantation, drug pump implantation, malignant Swelling, epilepsy, recent surgery.

Q: Which parts of the body can be used slim beauty machine ?

A:It was approved by , it can improve the muscle lines of buttocks and abdomen, and also help to promote fatmetabolism. The most suitable parts are: abdomen, buttock, triceps.

Q: What do users need to prepare for using the slim beauty machine ?

A: It`s recommended that users wear comfortable clothes so that they can position themselves flexibly in the process.

Q: Does it hurt ?

A: The program itself is painless. There is no need for anesthesia. Just lie down and use two panels at the same time to apply high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. The feeling during treatment is best compared to your muscle feeling during intense exercise.