Radio Frequency RF Treatment Thermagic Cpt Therapy Skin Tightening Beauty Machine Microneedle Fractional Face Lift

Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine

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2021 Arrival Radio frequency RF Treatment Thermagic Cpt Therapy Skin

Tightening Beauty Machine Microneedle Fractional Facelift



Fractional Micro Needle RF
1. Two handles : Microneedle Fractional RF and Ice Hammer.

2. Treatment with vacuum, more comfertable.
3. Insulated Needles,
10 pin, 25pin, 64pin and nano needle, no damage for Epidermis Layer and Dermis Layer.
4. Stepping Motor Type : Different to existing Solenoid Type, the needle inserts to the skin smoothly with no shock,

and causes no bleeding and no pain after the procedure.
5. Gold Plated Needles: Needle is durable and also has high Biocompatibility by applying Gold Plating.
6. Precise Depth Control. 0.2~3.5mm [0.1mm Step], needle thickness is 0.3mm.
7. Safety Needle System with sterilized disposable needle tip. Operator can easily notice the applying RF energy

ared light.
8. Elaborate Needle Thickness. Min : 0mm < Max : 0.3mm, the needle structure is easy to penetrate the skin with minimum resistance.

Face Treatment
1. Non-surgical Face Lifting
2. Wrinkle Reduction
3. Skin Tightening
4. Skin Rejuvenation (Whitening)
5. Pore Reduction
6. Acne Scars Removal
7. Blood Vessel Removal

8. Calming Skin

Body Treatment
1. Scars Removal
2. Hyperhidrosis
3. Stretch Marks Removal
4. Spider Veins Removal (Veincure Option)

Microneedle RF Action mechanism

1. micro crystal mechanical stimulation, coupled with the biological effects of radio frequency and thermal stimulation,

together to stimulate the skin`s self repair system, to promote metabolism, improve microcirculation, the initiation of

collagen and other new and rearrangement;

2. microcrystalline penetration, open the skin quickly absorption channel, easy to cosmetic ingredients into the skin;

3. The radio frequency energy emitted by the micro crystal tip can selectively destroy the hair follicles, sebaceous

glands and sweat glands, inhibit inflammatory reaction and activate the anti-inflammatory and repair system.



What is the gold radio frequency micro crystal?

The gold radio frequency microcrystal is the ingenious combination of micro crystal and radiofrequency. The two word of "gold" originates from the microcrystalline gold coating and thecoating is also golden yellow. At the time of treatment, the doctor according to the crystalposition on problems and treatment, adjust the depth of penetration and micro crystal line radio frequency energy, then in the electronic control system, at the same time, dozens of insulating ceramics penetrate the skin quickly, from the micro crystal tip radiofrequency energy, then quickly exit, so the cycle until the treatment is

finished, finally apply cosmetic ingredients.




Q1:How long does a treatment take?

A:The topical anesthetic cream requires 20 to 30 minutes to take effect prior to treatment,

and then the treatment takes 20 to 30 minutes, including after care. So, each session requires approximately 1 hour.

The tips are single use.

Q2:How does the treatment feel?

A:Especially with the correct application of a good topical anaesthetic, the treatment is highly tolerable.

Q3:How long is recovery after treatment?

A:You may experience transient erythema on the treated areas for 3-4 hours initially. The downtime involved with treatments are significantly reduced due to it targeting the deeper layers of the skin.

Q4:What is the recommended treatment regimen?

A:The typical interval between sessions is once every 3-4 weeks. Most patients see excellent results following 2-4 treatments. This may vary according to your skin condition and your physician will be better able to assess and advise you of this.

Q5:Do you have any warranty?

A5:Yes, we have. One years warranty on host machine is given. Three months free replacement warranty for handles, treatment heads, and parts

Q6:Will you teach how to use the machine?

A6:Yes, we can provide a complete user manual and usage video for instruction and application.

And 24/7 online consultant service ensure you whatever problem and whenever you meet, you can solve easily.

It is easy to operate by anyone with the instructions.