Vacuum Slimming Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing 360 Degree Mini Fat Freeze Handle For Double Chin

Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine

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Newest ultrasound cavitation ultrasonic fat burning machine cavitation RF slimming

Lipo lipolysis 40k Ultrasonic liposuction Cavitation

One Machine Combine With 7 Handles, Meet Different Clients Requirements, More Cost Effective.

① 360° cryo handles, 3D fat freezing effect, has a obvious and fast slimming result.

② Large fat freezing handle and medium fat freezing handle or double chin handle can work at the same time.

③ Handle with different deep exchangeable contour for different body areas, you don`t need to buy extra handles.

④ Detailed user manual, operation video, logo service and training service available.

⑤ 2 Years warranty, full lifetime maintance and timely support.


Handles Details of Fat Freezing Beauty Equipment

1) 360° Cryo Handles, All Dimensional Surrounding Cooling Inside, 3d Fat Freezing Effect, Has A Obvious And Fast Slimming Result.

Newest Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine 360 Degree Double Chin Removal Weight Loss Machine Ultrasonic Cavitation Lipo Laser Equipment


① The cups make of medical silicone material, it`s very soft to protect the skin, have a comfortable treatment experience for clients.

② Any Two of fat freezing handles can work at the same time, for two target areas or two different clients which can save precious time.

③ Start / Stop treatment button on the big and middle cryo handle, easy to run the operation.

④ Powerful cooling system-handles can freeze within a few mins: -10℃~10℃ adjustable, according to feelings to different clients.  

The Large And Medium Cryo Handles With 7 Size Contours

7 Different cups are applied for different fat thickness, different treatment areas, including the hips, flanks, midsection,

thighs, and back. Even effective in hard to reach areas like bra bulges and the upper arms. You can choose the suitable cups according to your needs.

①: 18.0*7.0*1.5cm for waist, thigh.

②: 20.0*7.0*3.5cm for the belly, back.

③: 21.0*8.0*4.5cm for waist, thigh.

④: 23.0*8.0*4.5cm for the belly, back, buttock.


Handle With Different Deep Exchangeable Contour For Different Body Areas, You Don`t Need To Buy Extra Handles.

①: 13.5*6.0*1.5cm for thigh, arm, crus, bra bulges.

②: 14.5*7.0*3.5cm for the waist.

③: 15.5*7.0*4.5cm for waist, thigh.

2) 360° Mini Cryo Handle For Submental Fat, Double Chin-- A Newly &  Popular Demand Among Clients !  


3) Face and body RF handles

Radio frequency is one kind of high-frequency electromagnetic wave, it can penetrate the dermis and subcutaneous tissue

through the fat layer, take heat into deep skin and then accelerate regeneration and reconstruction of skin deep-tissue.

① Skin tightens: RF skin tightening for eye wrinkle removal, and body firming.

② Skin firming & lifting: Body shape restoration after delivery and liposuction.

③ Smoothing the skin and enhancing skin elasticity.


4) 40K Cavitation

The cavitation uses ultrasound and radio waves to break down fat cells and cellulite without affecting nearby organs and cells.

① Dissolve fat, body shaping.

② Stimulate lymphatic blood vessels, enhance lymphatic and blood circulation.

③ Remove unwanted fat and toxin from the body.

④ Promote collagen and cell activation, improve skin activity, and toughness.

5) 8 Lipo Laser Pads

Utilizes the latest low level/cold laser technology to reduce fat over almost all areas of the body without surgery, downtime, or redness.

Lipo Laser wavelength: 635nm-650nm, professional for fat cells removal treatment.

① Intensive physical lipolysis to remove fat.

② Excess fat cell melted.

③ Weight loss, cellulite reduction.

④ Promote and accelerate the body`s metabolism.


·  8 big lipo laser pads for body and big size areas treatment.

·  9 diodes on each lipo pad, the total quantity of diodes lights are 72

·  Each diode light is 100mw, powerful for fat dissolve.

7 in 1 Slimming Machine in Good Effect :

Cryolipolysis + Lipo Laser + Ultrasound Cavitation + RF Skin lift, for body contouring, fat removal, weight loss & face tightening.

With one machine, you will get more treatment suitable for different clients, very cost-effective for beauty clinic spa.

Applications of Fat Freezing Beauty Machine

① Big & middle fat freezing handle: Body shaping, body slimming, fat dissolving, cellulite & fat reduction.

② 360° Cryo handle: Double chin removal, neck skin tightening.

③ 40K cavitation: Lymphatic drainage, cellulite removal, promoting metabolism & blood circulation.

④ Lipolaser Pads: Decrease the excessive water and prevent the fat from accumulation.
⑤ Bio-polar & multi-polar RF: Skin tightening, wrinkle removal, body, and face lifting, complementing the collagen,

    skin rejuvenation.

Why you choose us?

① Combination of multiple technologies: Laser skin rejuvenation technology + Fat transfer technology + Deep heating

    RF melting technology + 40K cavitation cellulite technology.

② One treatment reduces 26% fat, suitable for whole-body slimming.

③ Non-surgery, no risk. Easily humanization operation no side effects, significant effect, no rebound, come back to work


④ We can provide professional operation training, keep you use machine very well.

⑤ With a Japanese silent pump, the noise is reduced by 30%, improving the feeling of use, distribution channels cover 137 countries, 100% customer positive feedback.


Warranty&After-sale service

Warranty:  épilation laser

① Lifelong technical service.

② Two years warranty on host machine is given.

③ 6 months free replacement warranty for handles, treatment heads, and parts.

After-sale service:

① Customize design for logo and language according to your requirement.

In production and after delivery, we will track on time and inform you the goods situation.

③ Provide the user manual and the training video, also offer the online training.

④ Our professional service team can give 24 hours service, and answer your questions in time.  épilation laser



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