40K Liposuction Cavitation Ultrasonic Slimming Vacuum RF Diode Lipo Laser LLLT Machine

Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine

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RF Radio Frequency Slimming Ultrasonic Liposuction Cavitation Weight

ReduceMachine Fat Reduce Cellulite Removal Beauty Equipment


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Treatment Area  


Tummy – skin sagging post baby or due to excess sun exposure.


Arms – skin sagging especially the inner upper arm.


Thighs and knee areas – skin sagging due to age and sun exposure.


Buttocks – Skin sagging due to ageing and loss of volume.



Note slimming Ultrasonic Skin Tightening

There are 2 pieces vacuum RF photon handles in different sizes:


Smaller one is for smaller treatment area : Whole Arm Cellulite Removal, Neck Muscle Relax for improving Cerebral blood


circulation.Face Tighten. Bigger one is for bigger treatment area : Belly/Leg cellulite removal, Shaping Double S Waist, Dredging


lymph of back-- Relax back muscle, Massage Shoulder,Tighten Bottom Skin.Shap Bottom.

80K Cavitation

During cavitation the high performance ultrasound waves generate micro-bubbles in the tissues of the


treated area. When these micro-bubbles collapse, they create an abrupt pressure change that dissolves the


fat cells in the local area. The dissolved fat cells get to the liver through the lymphatic system, the liver decomposes them,


and they leave the body with the urine.

80K Cavitation Focused Ultrasound Function

1--Body Slimming,Contouring&shaping


2--Fatness reduction


3--Skin tightening


4--wrinkle removal


5--Warm fatness massage


6--Face wrink removal&lifting


7--promote cell metabolism,improve blood circulation


8--increase skin elasticity

80K Cavitation Focused Ultrasound Efficacy

-Eyes wrinkle removal, eyes lifting best ultrasound cavitation machine


-Face lifting and contouring, wrinkle removal


-RF lipolysis, skin tightening, skin lifting


-Fat burning, body contouring


-Detoxification, lymphatic drainage


-Stretch marks removal


-Collagen regeneration


Handle 1 Cavitation+ Multi RF+ LED Treat body: fat removal/skin tightening


Handle 2 Big Vacuum+Multi RF+ LED Treat body: fat removal/skin tightening & Lymphatic drainage


Handle 3 Small Vacuum+Multi RF+ LED Treat body: fat removal/skin tightening & Lymphatic drainage


Handle 4 Multi RF+ LED Treat face: Wrinkle removal/tightening

Vacuum +RF+LED

On the body areas :upper arms, abdomen, back, thighs, hips and buttocks, ankles, male chest.


It is great for tightening tummies after having babies. It come with vacuum,could reduct more fat cellulite,


not only for skin firming but also for body slimming . It could do lymphatic drainage as well .


Patient will feels relax and pain relief after the treatment.


Vacuum RF adopts the most advanced high-speed turbine negative pressure technology, and innovative three-dimensional


conversion technology,combining with microcomputer chip controlled patent roller axis, and has an anti-geocentric attract effect


on the skin.Attracting and out spreading the fibrillar connective tissue of different cortices, through the rhythmic massage and


effectively break down subcutaneous fat and reduce cellular tissue accumulation of fat, use of the patents to massage deeply roller


different parts of the body, bring up fat layer in dermis, curium and subcutaneous, and release micro-vascular lymphatic vessels at


the same time, promoting metabolism and to make fat cells in a passive movement to fat acids, even within the cells of toxins,


also to be eliminated from lymphatic system in vitro, the detoxification enhance the function of as many as four times. Can be done


manually or any other instruments can not achieve the perfect results. At the same time, skin is more elastic and luster. It is the


"healthy body sculpture management" expert.

80K Cavitation Energy, More Powerful Than Traditional 40K, Has a Much Better Result In Fat Cell Burning & Body Shaping.


Cavitation +RF+LED

To reach the best results, cavitation is used combine with radio frequency energy which aims to boost the collagen and


tighten skin.So you can lose fat fast while tightening the skin layers, create a smoother and healthier skin.


It is ideal for mummy tummies. Cavitation is liposuction without the anesthesia, no scars, no discomfort, no downtime.


A low level ultrasound is used to destroy the fat cells and turning them into liquid which is then excreted by the body.



Special RF handle for Face & Eyes around, for Face Lifting, Wrinkles Finelines Reduction, Reduce Eyes Bags.

A Bipolar facial lifting is a non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic technique that safely and effectively improves the health


and appearance of the skin.A Bipolar facial lifting uses technologies developed in the medical and physiotherapy fields t


o activate the skin`s natural chemicals responsible for health and vitality. A Bipolar RF facial lifting provides satisfying ae


sthetic results with less risk of side effects compared to a traditional face lift. The A Bipolar RF facial lifting procedure is p


roven safe and effective, delivering results at a fraction of the cost of traditional procedures.It can removal wrinkle and tig


hten skin, whiten and tender skin, shrunken pores, dispel black eye socket, pouch and crow`s-feet, removal the yellow


skin, removal face edema, removal face toxin, lifting face, speed up the secrete of skin, neck care, removal neck wrinkle,


tighten and whiten skin. 


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