2021 High Quality High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Beauty Machine for Anti Age Face Tightening Anti Wrinkle Fast#04

Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine

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 High Quality High Intensity Focused Ultrasound beauty machine for anti
 face tightening anti wrinkle 


ApplicationReduce fat in areas of body .Effectively improve body shape and slimming.
Strengthen the firmness of skinRemove the line of eyes Firm and lift the cheek, restore firmness of skin Reduce wrinkle from the eyes and forehead

HIFU handle with 3 ( Standard ) and 5 cartridges( Optional ), each cartridge with 10,000 shots.

1.5mm head (Standard): the ultrasound to penetrate the skin to a depth of 1.5mm, is responsible for activating the skin epidermis inThinner tissue, such as eye around.3.0mm head(Standard):  The ultrasound to penetrate the skin to a depth of 3.0mm, targeted to chin around.4.5mm head(Standard):  The ultrasound to penetrate the skin to a depth of 4.5mm, direct subcutaneous SMAS layer targeted to    thicker skin, such as cheeks, neck, etc.8.0mm head(Optional):  Is used to  transmit high frequency focused ultrasound energy into depth of 8mm.

                                    Treatment area: thicker skin, like thighs, bottocks.

13.0mm head(Optional):Is used to  transmit high frequency focused ultrasound energy into depth of 13mm.

                                   Treatment area: thicker skin, like thighs, bottocks.
This link is 3 Cartridges, each Cartirdges can be shot about 10,000 shots . Total  10,000*3=30,000 shots. 

 Working principle of Vagina Tightening HIFU The Vagina Tightening HIFU System uses an noninvasive ultrasonic focusing technique to directly focus on the mucosal
lamia and muscle layer. Using ultrasonic waves as the energy source and taking advantage of its penetration and focality,

the system will send out ultrasonic energy focusing in the the lamina propria and muscle fiber layer in a predetermined depth
A higher intensity of ultrasonic region, called focus region, is formed. In 0.1 second, the temperature of the region can reach

to above 65 ℃ , so the collagen is reorganized and the normal tissue outside the focal region is undamaged. Therefore, the

desired depth layer can obtain the idael effect of collagen contraction, reorganization and regeneration. Ultimately, the 

effect of vagina tightening is achieved.

 Working principle of Vagina Tightening HIFU 

 heads  produce the energy directly to the SMAS , make it thermal coagulation ,  make the SMAS tighten and lifting, let the muscles improved the muscle structure from deep to shallow, make better to help the muscle layer
restor elasticity and tighten.

3.0mm heads  produce energy up to submucosal tissue accelerate cell activity and make the collegen regrowth and restructuring, increase mucous elasticity  and meke vaginal muscle tighten.  


New products 2018 innovative product vaginal hifu for beauty salonNewest 3 IN 1 HIFU Vaginal Rejuvenation Skin Lifting and Vaginal Tightening HIFU body slimming Machine

 New products 2018 innovative product vaginal hifu for beauty salon


Super result: Lose 1 inch(2-3 cm) only in first treatment,5-8 cm in 3 treatments
Safe and Non-invasive technology, no down-time required.
Fat cell disruption while epidermis, blood vessels and nerves remain unharmed.
Cell debris and triglycerides from the disrupted fat cells are processed by the body`s natural physiological and

    metabolic pathways.
Two different replaceable cartridges(0.8cm &1.3cm) for different depth of fat
Automatic Intelligent Scanning System The automatic intelligent scanning system can indicate the right cartridges

    automatically and show the right probe on the screen for chose.

Max.50J/cm² for choose, which allows users to adjust the energy output precisely based on different thickness of

   localized fat to be treated and the sensation of patients,It delivers a safe, effective and comfortable option for fat

   reduction with high patient satisfaction.
Intelligent Record Management The handle has intelligent chip inside, it can record used shots and remains, and the

   operators can trace usage record by system, which offers a good reference for stock in advance, without influencing

   treatment requirements.

High energy output with 24x24 single focus energy output/time




1. Do you have any warranty?

Yes, we have. One years warranty on host machine is given. Three months free replacement warranty for

handles, treatment heads, and parts
2. How is your after-sale service?

We have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. You can get the help you

need in time by telephone, webcam, online chat (Google talk, Facebook, Skype). Please contact us once

the machine has any problem. Best service will be offered.
3. What certification do you have?

All of our machines have the CE certification which ensures the quality and safety. Our machines are

under strict quality management to ensure good quality. Because we fully understand that it will be a

great trouble if machine have any problem during working at oversea.
4. Will you teach how to use the machine?

Yes, we can provide a complete user manual and usage video for instruction and application. And 24/7

online consultant service ensure you whatever problem and whenever you meet, you can solve easily.

It is easy to operate by anyone with the instructions.
5. How about the shipment?

The machine will be shipped within 2-3 days after the receipt of your payment.