Slimming Machine Body Slimming Fat Reduction Slimming Vacuum And Freezing Machine

Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine

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Upgraded Slimming Machine Body Slimming Fat Reduction Slimming

 Vacuum And Freezing Machine CE/DHL


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· The Upgraded 8 IN 1 machine, combines latest Most Polular slimming technology, like

 Lipo Laser + Ultrasound Cavitation + Vacuum Slimming + RF Skin lift,  

for body contouring,fat removal, weight loss & face tightening. With one machine, you will get more

treatment suitable for different clients, very cost-effective for beauty clinic spa.

· Preheating 3 minutes before cryo treatment, ensure better treatment effect.

· CE approved, OEM & ODM is available.


1. The current non-surgical medical cosmetic technologies and new hot spot;

2. More advanced than liposuction, fat melting technology;

3. Europear most popular new way to lose weight;

4. Can be up to 26% of the treatment area of new technology to destroy fat;

5. Superior RF and ultrasound fat melting technology;

6. Selectivity can be cut a fat waist, back fat and cellulite micro innovations.


• Celluite Reduction

• Fat Removal

• Reshape Body Line

• Lymphatic Drainage Massage

• Promote Cell Metabolism

• Improve Blood Circulation

• Skin Tightening

• Wrinkle Removal

• Face & Neck Skin Lift

• Double Chin Removal

How does affect your body?

during cryo prcoess,fat cells die through targeted cooling in -15 to 5 degrees.during the appreciately 1 hour treatment,the

fat cells are targeted supercooled.thus,a controlled cell death(apoptosis)is the same time skin