40K Whole Body Lipolaser Reducing Fat Machine Vacuum Frequency Laser 8 Pad

Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine

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2020 Portable 6 In 1 Versatile Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine With For Skin

Tightening Body Slimming Machine CE Approved

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Product description
The penetrates the layer of fat making fat from adipocytes (fat cells) pass into the interstitial tissue

eliminated naturally by the body. The treatment session lasts for 10 minutes per zone and recommends

a weekly session for 8-10 weeks. is described as-assisted lipolysis (the breakdown of stored fat in fat cells)

or non-surgical liposuction. It can be used on the waistline, abdomen (middle and lower), back

(upper, middle, lower), buttocks, thighs, arms, and underarms.



With collective strong sound wave head, strong sound wave of 40000HZ may be emitted to vibrate

fat cells at top speed and produce numerous vacuum air pockets inside and outside the fat cells,

robustly impact fat cells to generate introverted blast and disintegrate triglyceride into glycerol

and free fatty acids. Then waves at frequency of 1MHZ is used for exhausting the integrated

glycerol and free fatty acids through hepatoenteral circulation. Finally, vacuum and energy

electrode are used for positioning and tightening fat. In physics, it is known as "cavitation".

Micropore introverted blast inside and outside cell may lead to enhanced molecular motion

and a higher energy level and this will finally cause fat cell rupture and thereby achieve the

effects of body building and losing weight.

40K Whole Body Slimming Lipolaser Bio Roller Reducing Fat Salon Machine Ultrasonic Cavitation Vacuum Radio Frequency Laser 8 Pad



Real-time power monitor ; Automatic Power calibration Automatic fiber identification ;

Immediate Results Completely Safe ; No Starvation Diets Long last & natural results ;

Pain free treatment. No consumables or disposals ;