Professional Imported Shock wave Shockwave Therapy Machine Weight Reduce Extracorporeal Equipment

Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine

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1. The human engineering design provides setting and operates conveniently;

2. 5 inches color crystal Spanish and English touch screen design, intuitive and clear;

3. Import power source, to ensure instant shock output effect;

4. Surge pressure and frequency selection, conform to treatment demand;


Apply features of soundwave, frequency 1-16Hz, enable to reach to 8cm subcutaneously, to apply on Periosteal and create

heat,instant temperature reach to 43℃,at the same time,improve blood circulation. 

Increasing frequency affects the depth of wave penetration (as lower frequency waves travel further than higher frequency

waves). As can be seen below high frequency waves travel less distance (below are depictions of different wave

frequencies on a gold film)  

Eliminate surgery;

Efficacy, the cure rate of 80-90%;


Does not hurt the normal tissue, only for the disease, especially the necrotic cells play a role;

Without hospital treatment, does not affect the normal life; 

Lattice shock wave has the following effects

1.Cells: increase the permeability of cell membranes by increasing the activity of ion channels, promoting cell division and stimulating the production of cytokines.

2.Muscle tone and muscle vessels: improve blood circulation, increase growth factor ca. 1, and enhance mitosis of osteoblasts.

3.Nitrogen oxide system: speeds bone remodeling and healing.

4.Improve microcirculation and metabolism.

5.Dissolution of calcified fibroblasts is promoted.

6.Promote the synthesis of collagen.

7.Tissue tension is reduced.

8.Has the effect of analgesic.



Pain Treatment Rehabilitation physiotherapy

Decrease abdominal and body fat

For ED treatment (Shockwave)

Muscle growth strength training post-exercise recovery (EMS)




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