How to Reduce Laser Hair Removal Pain

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Laser hair removal is a technique that uses the energy of a laser to penetrate deep into hair follicles. The result is hair reduction or even permanent hair removal when the procedure is performed multiple times. Though there is usually minimal pain involved with laser hair removal, each patient is different and will experience the sensations of the laser differently. Factors such as the skill of the professional performing the procedure, the age of the equipment, and pain tolerance level of the individual determine pain levels. In addition, certain areas of the body and areas with thick hair will be more sensitive during laser hair removal. Knowing how to reduce laser hair removal pain prior to beginning your treatment will help alleviate stress and make you more comfortable before, during and after the procedure.

1. Find a qualified professional that you feel comfortable talking with to perform your laser hair removal.

2. Schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns about pain management during and after your procedure.

Reduce Laser Hair Removal Pain

3. Ask the professional who will be performing laser hair removal the best plan for you to manage any discomfort, and follow his or her instructions.

4. Stay as relaxed and stress free as possible the day of your laser hair removal procedure.

5. Arrive in plenty of time to speak to the professional who will be performing your procedure in case you have any more questions prior to the procedure.

6. Apply a cold compress after your laser hair removal procedure to help reduce any pain that occurs.

7. Avoid direct sunlight or tanning beds for several days following laser hair removal, and wear sun block to keep the sensitive area from burning.

8. Follow up with the professional who preformed the procedure as scheduled or if you have an concerns or questions.

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