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Does cryolipolysis work - Medsinglong
Cryolipolysis, also known as frozen fat, is to place a cryolipolysis apparatus on the surface of human skin, so that the subcutaneous tissue is cooled to 5°C, fat cells are prematurely aged, and they are gradually killed, excreted through the metabolism and reduced in weight.
In the past, people who want to lose weight can only choose to do traditional liposuction surgery. The process is painful and risky. However, a research team in the United States now finds that it is possible to use frozen methods to remove excess body fat. However, the doctor stressed that the freezing method can only eliminate local fat.
Does cryolipolysis work - Medsinglong
Cryolipolysis Principle
Freezing lipids are converted into solids using triglyceride in human fat at a low temperature of 5°C, and the frozen energy precisely controlled by the non-invasive cryogenic energy extraction device is delivered to the designated fat-solubilizing sites to specifically eliminate specified sites. The adipocytes, the fat cells of the designated site, convert to triglyceride from liquid state to a solid state when cooled to a certain low temperature, and gradually die out after crystallization. The body excreted through metabolism, and the body fat gradually decreases, thereby achieving partial lipolysis. effect.
According to clinical studies, fat layer thickness decreased by an average of 22.4% within 2 months to 4 months after receiving "Cryolipolysis." The stature can be maintained for approximately 9 months to 12 months.
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